October 2015 Newsletter

The October 2015 Village Newsletter is now available.

This issue features a reminder about the general election on October 14, an update on artificial turf, the resurfacing schedule for the overflow parking lot on Ortega, reminders on ARC guidelines for a new roof and other El Nino preparations and a proposed election policy for 2016-2017.

October 2015 Newsletter

3 thoughts on “October 2015 Newsletter”

  1. October’s newsletter includes a proposed Election Policy. Is this a revision to an existing Election Policy? If so, please provide a mark up of the previous policy showing what changed. If it a totally new policy, please highlight the areas that the proposed Election Policy deviates from prior practices and the rationale for such deviation.

    1. Jim,
      That is a question to direct to management. You can use the form on the Contact page to send your notes.

      1. I took your advice and submitted my comment on the form you recommended. Hopefully all can view my comment above and and have the same questions. I encourage other HOA members to request information and rationale regarding the wisdom of such a sweeping policy.

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