Meet the Candidates: Ron Pirucki

Village homeowners will elect a new board on Wednesday, October 14 for the 2015-2016 term.  There are 12 candidates for five positions.  Each candidate’s statement has been posted to the blog in alphabetical order by last name.  

Here is Ron Pirucki’s Candidate Statement:

Members of the Village:

My name is Ron Pirucki and I’d be grateful for your vote to represent you as a member ofthe Board of Directors of the Coto De Caza Community Association.

My interests lie solidly in preserving the history and culture of the Village as we know it. Though I have a tremendous amount of respect for those neighbors who settled first, my underlying goal is to represent the interests of all homeowners; rather than just those with significant tenure in the neighborhood.

Though many of the Village residents are comparatively new, our investment in the community and the rich, unique life-style we bought into are no less significant. My plan is to provide a mechanism whereby all neighbors can air their respective ideas and concerns.

Professionally, I have served on multiple cross-functional teams in the spirit of Project Management; twice in Fortune 500 companies. I also have served as Chairman of the Police Athletic League Judo Program. I understand that proper representation requires communication. My goal is to provide a funnel from the homeowner to the Board of Directors to ensure that all issues and concerns are appropriately prioritized and represented.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Regardless of how you vote, please vote. Our Village Lifestyle depends upon it and your vote does  matter.


Ron Pirucki

Why are you interested in serving as a director and what goals do you want to see accomplished within your term as director?

To represent the interests of a severely underserved constituent — homeowners with less than 20 years residency in the Village.

What is your background and experience? Have you served as a committee member or director for a community association? If yes, please elaborate on this experience. 

Chairman of the Police Athletic League Judo Program.  Associated with Atlanta Judo Academy. Serving community interests & growth.

Are you a homeowner, and if so, for how long? 

Yes — 3.5 years

Have you served or are you presently serving on any committee(s) for the association?


Any other information you would like to provide?

Strong management project planning & leadership experience with 2 Fortune 500 companies.

Ron Pirucki’s Candidacy Statement (PDF)

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