Meet the Candidates: Doug McCormick

Village homeowners will elect a new board on Wednesday, October 14 for the 2015-2016 term.  There are 12 candidates for five positions.  Each candidate’s statement has been posted to the blog in alphabetical order by last name.   

Here is Doug McCormick’s Candidate Statement:

Once again it is time for the annual HOA elections. And once again I am asking the homeowners of the Village to support me as a candidate. Being one of the five members of the board can be a very time consuming position. So why would one want to continue with a position that has no financial compensation and yet is time demanding? Many decisions and actions the board takes throughout the year have a direct impact on the quality oflife in our community. I personally was drawn to the Village for many reasons all of us share. The rural feel, the unpretentious look, and the friendly residents are just a few of the reasons why I & my wife have chosen to live here. This last year the current board has moved forward on many new projects that effect each one of now, and will continue to impact us many years ahead. Continued daily operations of the community cost all of us financially, via our monthly association assessments. I as a resident am concerned as to how we allocate our association dollars each year. Is our money being spent properly? Are dollars being wasted? Are we getting the best value on contracts we enter into? Are future projects being thought out with a long term vision? I have been and would like to continue to be part of those decisions. Seeing the results materialize from that involvement is the reward!

This last year I have met with many neighbors who have had concerns about our trees and landscaping. I have been instrumental this last year on many landscape projects. The Orange County Fire Authority has been very aggressive with us to implement a clearing of our vegetation in the open areas. As a result of this we had to renegotiate our landscape contract to include the clearing of this vegetation throughout the Village. Also, the ongoing drought has resulted in many of our trees being subject to disease and infestation. I have been personally involved with our landscape services’ to make sure we maintain our needed mandate compliance, and that our diseased trees are removed or treated. As a result our community has never looked better than it does today. I have many more landscape ideas that I would like to suggest and implement the next twelve months. Being a member of the board helps these ideas come alive.

I am asking for your vote. Here are some of my qualifications. This last year I have been the “Treasurer” as well as chairing the “Landscape Committee”. I have been a board member for four years and have been active on the “Landscape Committee” for six years.  I have chaired that committee for four of those six years. I have been in the insurance/financial business for 40 years. That expertise helps when reviewing new contracts and our finances. I have always been active in outdoor and gardening activities. That is why I am so concerned about our landscape budget and direction. So if your ideas and concerns about the future of the Village are shared with mine, please cast your votes in my direction.

Doug McCormick’s Candidacy Statement (PDF)

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