Club Sale Update

Silver-Bronze will hold a special meeting of its membership on Thursday, March 5.  It is expected that at the conclusion of that meeting Silver-Bronze’s board will enter into a purchase and sale agreement with a new buyer for the Coto Valley Club. The Village Working Group will update the community about Silver-Bronze’s decision as soon as the information is available.

The Village Working Group would also like to take a moment to correct misinformation in a recent email sent out from a Preserve the Village email address.

  • The Village Working group’s purpose is to gather information regarding the impending sale of the Coto Valley Club and share it with Village members.
  • The group comprises Village residents – your neighbors – who have donated their time for the past 10 months. They have no connection to Silver-Bronze, Stonefield or any other interested party beyond opening lines of communication.  To insinuate anything else is simply incorrect.
  • The Village HOA board also is composed of your neighbors who volunteer their time to serve on the community.
  • The Village Working Group has consistently recommended the community come together and works cooperatively and proactively with the new buyer of the club – whoever that is.
  • The Village Working Group has consistently said it believes the practice of “buying votes” is a terrible idea and has said as much to Silver-Bronze and Stonefield Development.
  • The survey from July 2014 was sent to every Village member by mail and an electronic version of the survey was posted to the blog. Every Village member had the opportunity to take the survey.  Pre-paid return postage was included with the mailed surveys.  Nearly 200 Village members opted to make their voices heard.
  • The purpose of the survey was to have Village members identify the features of the Village they wanted to maintain, such as home values and aesthetics, and the elements they wanted to prevent, such as noise, light pollution and traffic. You can read the survey here.
  • Lastly, the Village Working Group will continue with its charter of gathering information and sharing it with the community. When Silver-Bronze enters into a purchase and sale agreement, the Village Working Group will update the community.

12 thoughts on “Club Sale Update”

  1. I drive home each day ….. and smile …. because I see dads playing ball with their kids on thart beautiful lawn that surrounds our Village Club. And children running around in the grass (moms & dads happily watching). Makes life in our Village a fun place to be.
    Let’s see. Or, we could vote for 28-30 houses built all over that grass ????? For what??? The Financial Greed of a Developer??? We would lose the beautiful indoor basketball court, a beautiful pool, indoor raquet ball, a party place, meeting rooms, etc etc. etc.
    Oh ya, and we would gain : 5 years of noise & construction trucks, delivery trucks, 30+ more dogs in our village, 75+ cars comining and going daily.
    Do you all realize that the Stewardship of our Club was given ( for Free) to SBC Members … to take care and protect the Club for our Village Community? Somewhere this Stewardship has become lost because so many members have moved away. And now as a SBC officer stated that “they” are going to do what’s in the best interest of the SBC Members???? WHAT???? WHAT ???? EXCUSE ME !!!!! The “Stewardship” was Not for the best interest of SBC. THINK BACK SBC. The “Stewardship of the Club” should not be lost … even if its members moves away!!!
    AND WHAT IS THE GAIN FOR US, the Village?? Certainly is a financial gain for a GREEDY DEVELOPER!!! And NO GAIN for us !!!
    Why couldn’t Robert O Hill leave Our Community Alone!!!! And go Dupe someone else! He certainly Duped our SBC Members!! BShame on any of you SBC people that took the $30,000!!!!

  2. Dear SBC Board Members:

    My name is Ron Pirucki. My wife, Jeanette, and our 2 sons, Malakai and Robert reside at 23481 Via Alondra. We have 3 college age daughters who are transient residents. We have been residents of the Village for nearly 3 years. I certainly realize the tendency to see the “3 year” component of the last sentence as miniscule in comparison to our neighbors with significantly greater tenure in the neighborhood. I know this because my wife and I have experienced the resulting dismissal of our opinion since our arrival. Nonetheless, we have worked toward developing relationships and contributing to our community. We enjoy the company of our village neighbors. My wife Jeanette offers Zumba classes at CVCC and we’ve met many wonderful, truly good people over the past 3 years. The CVCC has been the hub of many introductions and social events which lead to great experiences, memories and relationships.

    I’d like to begin by saying that my wife and I support the mortgage and taxes at 23481 Via Alondra with the same level of responsibility that all of our neighbors do. It stands to reason that fact alone merits some level of consideration. We did not fall in love with our home; rather, we fell in love with the culture, life-style and neighborhood charm that offer the promise of rearing our sons, daughters and grandchildren in this environment for the foreseeable future. We chose our home based on the fact that the community was governed by its inhabitants and the Club promised a significant level of recreation and community to our family at large. The Club, though not state-of-the-art at the time, offered a sign of neighborhood unity and comfort born of common courtesy for our neighbors and community in the truest sense. Imagine our disappointment and shock when we learned that the SBC, the very group of brilliant people who crafted this unique neighborhood government from its inception, sold the majority of its voting interest in our community, its charm and concern for its neighbors; leaving our well-being to a real estate prostitute who not only doesn’t live amongst us, but whose primary interest is financial gain. His self-proclaimed description as Paul Revere carrying the message that “change is coming,” turned my stomach while listening to his attempt to pontificate at a meeting wherein I was not invited – because of tenure. I listened from the back of the room. Converse to Mr. O’Hill, I actually wore boots to defend the very lifestyle that he is attempting to defile. As a Veteran, I take umbrage with his attempt to describe himself as a Patriot. I feel confident that he wouldn’t last 10 minutes in an environment wherein lawyers could not protect his physical interests. Suffice it to say that I did not enlist to protect capitalists. I enlisted to protect the rights of good folks who truly united to form a “More Perfect Union.” On a much smaller scale, we have a More Perfect Union in the Coto Village. I only hope you have the courage to prevent this bullying imposition on my family and my neighbors. Mr. O’Hill is FAR from Paul Revere. A short walk through history will reveal that Paul Revere was a good guy. Mr. O’Hill is more adequately described as the King. His agenda represents the same tyrant behavior and common enemy that precipitated the revolution that spawned this Great Nation. Be that as it may, I’m hopeful that the Dolly Madison, John Hancock, Martha Washington and Thomas Jefferson of my generation and neighborhood are sitting on the SBC Board. I’m hopeful that you haven’t fallen victim to false consciousness. I’m hopeful that you are truly interested in the needs and desires of ALL of the neighbors you represent. Please exercise your fiduciary duty to serve and protect our neighborhood. Please protect our interests in the same manner your protected your own when you built this great, unique community.

    For the record, I appreciate the efforts of the Village Working Group. I realize they are volunteers. I took the time to hear their philosophy and purpose. It is conceivable that their intentions are pure. However, I stand as one of many, many relatively new neighbors with limited tenure, who were completely blind to the underpinnings of current concerns. Not a note dropped on our door-step, nor an email that likely landed in the spam folder nor casual third-party conversation at the pool at an ad hoc gathering represent responsible communication and information to neighbors and residents affected by a decision of this impact and magnitude. Case in point: I travel a great deal supporting heart valve surgeries in major medical centers across the US. I received an opportunity to participate in a survey days after it’s due date having arrived home from a business trip. I was not afforded the opportunity to vote for members of the VWG and did not have an opportunity to meet any of them prior to a last minute invitation that I serendipitously took advantage of 3 weeks ago. 10 months of “work” took place in a vacuum because I had little to no visibility. Nonetheless, post deadline, I participated in the “survey” exercise only to find that the data were horribly skewed as a result of illogical assumptions. Having supported 2 Fortune 500 companies in a Marketing capacity (Johnson and Johnson, Boston Scientific), I’m quite familiar with the concept of using empirical data to support subjective claims in an effort to accumulate support for a given cause. The suggestion that the vague questions lead to hard, fast business decisions in a single analysis is both amateur and false. The Village Working Group claims to have traversed an ambiguous “flow-chart” of sorts to arrive at the best decision for our neighborhood. Condescendingly, the VWG claims to have saved me the trouble of traversing that flow chart on my own. While I’m certain that the collective IQ of the VWG is far greater than my own, as a resident and tax-payer, I’d prefer is they allowed the remaining residents to traverse the Grand Flow Chart ourselves. It’s the community equivalent of my Constitutional Right to Vote. The VMG claims to be a group of well-intentioned neighbors representing my interests. While the former may be true, the latter certainly not. Let me assure you that the VWG does NOT, let me repeat, NOT represent my interests merely because they never offered a refurbished CVCC as a viable option in the survey; at least not with enough weight to impact the data. The VWG are not bad people. I believe them all to be good people and concerned neighbors. They are simply in over their proverbial heads. They simply failed to complete the task at hand competently using all available resources and all necessary inputs. The adage “You get what you pay for” comes to mind. If the interests of the neighborhood are truly desired, the task should have been assigned to a third-party, objective, professional firm. The lack of engaging a professional firm begs the possibility that the survey exercise was a formality.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message. By virtue of the fact that you’ve read this far, you clearly ARE interested in doing the right thing and your conscience is interested in peace. Please postpone a purchase decision until at least hearing from all 400+ families in our neighborhood. Please make a responsible decision for those of us who embrace the culture of the Village in its current state with its current amenities. AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – do not relinquish what control we have left of our neighborhood to a detached, disinterested bully. The strong have a moral responsibility to protect those unable to protect themselves. Have the courage to shut this narcissistic, tyrant down. Sadly, this type of person is prevalent in our society at large. His greed and predisposition to accumulating unnecessary wealth and impose his interests on the mild-mannered are obvious indications that he is attempting to compensate for other personal, possibly physical inadequacies. Be that as it may, YOU can make a difference. YOU can shut this down. YOU can preserve the spirit of our community. Bear in mind that his agenda is not our neighborhood concern. Do not ignore your principles and love of our unique neighborhood and succumb to the highest bidder. It is rarity that makes any entity unique. Our neighborhood is not a commodity. Please protect it and treat it as the rare, valuable and unique place that it is. Please protect it for those of us who live here even if you no longer do. If you’ve already sold your vote, take the time now to assuage your guilt. Do the right thing. Remember how important those things were when you lived here. Your legacy and reputation are worth far more than the money the tyrant offered you.

    I’ll finish my message by sharing a piece that I find helpful in making difficult moral decisions. The text was written by a student at Harvard in the late 1960s. 20 years later, it hung in the orphanage founded my Mother Theresa of Calcutta. It has NO religious correlation or significance. It simply represents clarity and direction in “doing the right thing.” The piece is called: The Paradoxical Commandments…

    The Paradoxical Commandments
    by Dr. Kent M. Keith

    People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.
    Love them anyway.

    If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
    Do good anyway.

    If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.
    Succeed anyway.

    The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.
    Do good anyway.

    Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
    Be honest and frank anyway.

    The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.
    Think big anyway.

    People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.
    Fight for a few underdogs anyway.

    What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.
    Build anyway.

    People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.
    Help people anyway.

    Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.
    Give the world the best you have anyway.

    © Copyright Kent M. Keith 1968, renewed 2001

    Using common war strategy, the Bully has used distraction, apathy and surprise to back my family and my neighbors into a corner. Many of us have no significant tenure. PLEASE consider #7. Have the courage to do the right thing. Do not conform with bullies. Fight for us….


    Ron Pirucki (On behalf of wife Jeanette and the entire Pirucki Family)

  3. I have been swimming in the Beautiful Olympic Size Village Club pool for the last 25 Yrs. it’s beautiful surround trees and atmosphere is a place to behold. I hoped that I and my many swim buddies, and Village families can continue to swim at our Village Club.
    A 2 lane lap pool, as listed in the Multiple Listings, is a JOKE!!
    ALL THOSE HOMES??? What, so I can come home and walk my dog amongst a bunch of homes???? NOT MY IDEA OF THE COTO LIFE STYLE
    I hope everyone understands that we can vote NO on changing the zoning. Do we really want a developer to BLAST IN, build TRACT HOMES or ANY HOMES, and BLAST OUT. All that BEAUTIFUL FLOWING GRASS would be gone forever!!! And in its place HOUSES ??? REALLY?? NO ONE can BUY MY VOTE to change the CC&R for the profit of a Developer !!!!!

  4. In the original listing for the club land it stated that a survey was required showing that village homeowners wanted houses built. Then suddenly we are all getting a survey in the mail from the VWG. Doesn’t this prove that from the very beginning you have been working with developer while all along claiming you were merely an independent information gathering group? Also why have no minutes been kept of your meetings and actions that residents can review to make sure you are acting within the laws set by the Davis-sterling act?

    1. Hi Mary,
      The survey was done in July 2014 with results published in August 2014. Silver-Bronze put its land up for sale in November 2014. The VWG submits committee updates to the board, as do other Village committees, on a regular basis.


      1. Right, meaning you were working with the developer even before the listing came out which is why you were referenced on it for architectural control.
        The board is required by law to have minutes from the meeting when they appointed the village working group stating your duties and duration. What month was that so we know which minutes to request? Want to know the duration of the VWG.

      2. Also would like to know how did you know there would be a survey required even before SBC put out the listing!

  5. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Village Working Group for organizing and taking a proactive non-adversarial approach to this situation. I believe this approach is our best option to help keep our Village ambiance. Thank you Village Working Group members.

  6. Hi… Thank you for posting this information. While the survey doesn’t have an overwhelming response, it seems very clear that home owners do NOT want to change the ambiance and uniqueness of the village. I believe this is called PRESERVING the village. The VWG has done a great job gathering information and I think it’s been clear at every board meeting that we should all be working together to SAVE the Village from losing its unique character by allowing homes, condos, town homes… To ruin our home values. one major question I have… I read in the listing that the VWG was given the authority to approve architectural plans etc for the new developer who COULD potentially purchase the club… Who gave the VWG this authority and how do you plan to represent the village in this way? I encourage EVERY homeowner to take the opportunity to email SBC members immediately to voice your concerns before March 5th… AND from what I read where you clearly state that VWG thinks selling votes is a VERY bad idea I think both PRESERVE the village group and VWG agree MY HOME MY VOTE… Don’t sell out our community, don’t give away your vote to protect our community. Thanks VWG for your hard work over the last 10 months

    1. Hi Natalie,
      To answer your question about the SBC’s listing, Silver-Bronze and Robert O Hill were the ones who put in the VWG. It’s nothing VWG asked for. As we have said at many HOA meetings (Nov., Dec., Jan.), at street meetings and on the blog, the VWG’s purpose is to gather information and share it with the neighborhood. That’s all the VWG has been authorized to do as an ad hoc committee. Once the community knows who the new owner is of the club property, the community will have to decide how and who will represent the Villge’s interests.


      1. Hi Donnelle,
        thank you for the response… it is discouraging to think that SBC would have given the authority to the VWG to approve architectural plans without your knowledge… either they don’t believe our board has the ability to do it themselves or they are hoping that the VWG will approve whatever plans the developer wants without regard for the best interest of the Village. Either way, I hope it is the intention of our board to step in and control the architectural approval if homes go in there because this is the boards job, not an ad hoc committee that was appointed, not elected into place.

        The good news Donnelle, is we finally have the communities attention… and your group has worked hard for the last 10 months gathering information that now our community is demanding to be a part of. We should be more focused on informing the village of the repercussions of selling their vote. Yes, you feel like its a BAD idea… why, because once we do this we allow a big developer with a lot of money to do whatever he wants with that land. And while VWG and our board may want to “work with the future developer” the truth is that once the zoning is changed- they can pretty much do whatever they want… it will be VERY hard to control any changes (and there have already been MANY changes to the plan) Just like SBC- they will do whatever is in THEIR best interest. What do you think YOUR group and PRESERVE the Village can do to get on the same page with informing and encouraging home owners about the repercussions of selling their vote and/or changing the zoning.

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