VWG Update: SBC Puts Portion of Club Up for Sale

The Village Working Group has learned that Silver-Bronze Corporation has put a portion of the club land up for sale. Specifically, for sale is the 6+ acres of land that comprise the clubhouse and parking lot. The tennis courts portion of SBC’s land is not for sale.

WD Land, a land-brokerage and advisory firm, has the listing. The parcel is being listed as an “infill-residential home building opportunity” for 16 homes on 6,000 square foot lots.

Please note that nothing specifically stated in the listing’s marketing proposal is final. This includes the price and a description of a build-out plan. Any change from a light commercial use will require re-zoning, a change to the Coto Master Plan and approval of the Village. That being said, our understanding is the proposal has a requirement that the buyer work with the Village on the details of any plan. If the plan includes homes, the Village will have significant input on what those homes would look like, and they are being described in the proposal as custom-like, and that the buyer has to build new facilities (meeting room, pool, fitness room, etc.) for the Village.

This is good news for our neighborhood. It means the Village has a seat at the table with the buyers to shape plans. This also means it is time to collectively decide what we want given the planned sale of the club and move forward with a strong voice.

The Village Working Group will brief the community on anything else learned about the club area when it presents at the November 12 Village HOA meeting.

Also listed for sale by SBC is 4 acres of the equestrian center for a tract of 18 homes on 12,000 square foot lots.

SBC Listing with WD Land

4 thoughts on “VWG Update: SBC Puts Portion of Club Up for Sale”

  1. Once again it comes down to the only important thing to note. Any promises made by any potential developer must be binding and irrevocable. The only way to ensure this is to have a voice in any attempted re-zoning. Everyone asks ‘how can we stop this?’ – the truth of the matter is that any decision to sell this land can only be left in the hands of Silver Bronze members but any re-zoning can be affected by the whole Coto community. Developers can always draw up pretty plans and make promises, but unless their promises are locked into the re-zoning permissions, these plans can be revoked later on. If Oak Grove’s true intention is to retain the equestrian center and build a new country club then they should have no issue making covenants and deed restrictions that run with the land and include language that ensures the remaining land can NEVER be rezoned for residential housing. Unless they are willing to do this, then we should fight all attempts to rezone any part of the land. Otherwise we stand to become the next Mission Viejo with just rows of tract homes and nothing else to offer. Many of us moved here for the equestrian nature of this community. Given our far out proximity from everything, we would not be nearly so appealing without the rural feel and stellar community assets. There is a reason Coto homes command more dollars per square foot than their neighboring communities – if we want to keep it this way we must protect against the gradual erosion of everything that makes Coto unique.

  2. I agree with the comment regarding concerns with what will happen with the equestrian center. I don’t want to see this area slowly chopped up into pieces and sold off. The equestrian center is such a big part of the flavor of our community and what makes us unique. And i see it being utilized. In regards to the country club… Lets face it. It is dilapidated and an eye sore. Perhaps because the owner purposely held back on fixing it up so we would give up from lack of utilization. But it is what it is. My opinion is we have to be willing to let part of this go. The tennis courts should stay. They are being used. However, I am actually ok with building custom single family homes on the rest. The folks that oppose everything do a good job at opposing everything. But what they don’t do a good job at is offering a solution. If you oppose all the offers on the table, tell us what you want to see happen with an understanding that the majority of us want to see the eyesore with the school, the store, and the dilapidated areas of the old club go away.

  3. Are these 4 acres of the Equestrian center in addition to what Mr. O Hill has already purchased and intends to take away? Doesn’t anyone know anyone who can save the club, horses and our Village uniqueness ?
    How many people in the Village are going to vote to rezone the property because now we are being tricked into believing that we will get a new club added to our HOA’s just for us? I doubt it! Can’t anyone stop this!!

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