Village Working Group: CZ Master’s Position on Oak Grove Proposal

The CZ Master board of directors passed a resolution to not support any zoning changes or changes to the Coto Specific Plan relating to the equestrian center and all abutting properties (Merryhill School, General Store and Maxwell Stables).

The CZ Master board has not taken a position regarding the Coto Valley Club and its surrounding properties.

According to the president of the board of directors for Los Ranchos Estates, its position is the same as CZ Master.


8 thoughts on “Village Working Group: CZ Master’s Position on Oak Grove Proposal”

    1. CZ Master did not provide additional details. You will have to ask the CZ Master board or its property management company, Keystone, for additional information.

    1. Thank you. Let me clarify the statement above. The club is located within Track 6970, which also is the Village track.

  1. Hi Joe,
    There is no relationship between the three HOAs. Each is responsible for its association.

    The Coto Valley Club is located in Tract 6970, which is Village property. Silver Bronze is a member of the Village HOA.

    As for changes, we will address that in a future post.

  2. Could someone please explain the relation between Village HOA and the CZ Master board of directors and the Los Ranchos Estates? Who ultimately does have say over the Coto Valley Club and its surroundings? I Thought that if anyone were to do anything to the Coto Valley Club and the area behind it would require majority approval of the Homeowners – is that correct? Thanks in advance.

  3. My husband and I went to the presentation Oak Grove gave and felt it was a lot of ‘smoke and mirrors’ with no hard promises. Unless Oak Grove is prepared to covenant all their promises into a document BEFORE taking over Silver Bronze and make it irrevocable then, frankly I wouldn’t trust that this is just the first step of a process to eventually take the whole Equestrian Center and surrounding lands and turn it all into housing. More food for thought – if we allow our Equestrian Center to be rezoned from community center/commercial to residential, then what’s to stop future developers using that as a precedence to rezone the Golf Course, Tennis Center etc for even more development? Opening the door to rezoning like this could leave our community stripped of its recreational assets – a sure fire way to make sure our house prices plummet. We moved here because Coto offers a special lifestyle – exactly what the master planners wanted when they created it. Let’s keep it that way.

  4. I vote we actively oppose all efforts by Oak Grove to complete their takeover. They will ruin Coto as we know and love it. There must be a better way but we need to get involved and figure one out.

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