Oak Grove Plan 12

Robert O Hill of Oak Grove LLC presented new plans for his proposed development of the Equestrian Center at an April 4 community meeting.

The project has been scaled down to 19 homes and increased the equestrian center to 25 acres.

Earlier plans showed 39 homes and preserved 18.9 acres for the equestrian center as well as 28 homes and 18.8 acres for the equestrian center.

Oak Grove plans, tender offer and FAQ are available on the Resources page.

2 thoughts on “Oak Grove Plan 12”

  1. I hope the project never take place. I think we have enough homes in Coto already and I like the equestrian center just the way it is. All the construction noise and activity next to the stables will really disturb the horses and the equestrian center will be a mess during the year or so that it will take to build these homes. I like Maxwell stables and I don’t want them gone. Find another place to build these homes. Do a playground instead

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