October 2013 Newsletter

The October 2013 Village Newsletter is now available.

This issue features articles on the proposals to redevelop Merryhill and portions of the equestrian center, upcoming events for seniors, an update on the street repairs and a reminder about the DwellingLive call policy changes.

Documents related to the Hacienda at Coto Assisted Living Facility (Merryhill site) and the Oak Grove residential housing plan (equestrian center site) can be found on the blog’s Resources page.

pdficon_large October 2013 Newsletter

One thought on “October 2013 Newsletter”

  1. Nothing less than a nightmare is the characterization often heard on radio stations regarding the presence of drug rehab centers which destroy neighborhoods and communities. The proposed developer of the Hacienda Coto Assisted Living Facility states they have legal counsel advises the possibility can be alleviated by “placing a deed restriction on the property prohibiting all residential or other overnight sleeping accommodation uses other than senior living”. Two important observations: 1) The law firm was hired by the developer to find such a solution (no surprise, therefore they did) and 2) it is simply this firms opinion which, no doubt, would be vigorously contested by those who wish to have such a rehab center. Even if the law firm’s opinion was ultimately to prevail, the cost of defending such a position would inevitably rack up exorbitant legal fee after legal fee which eventually would be paid by the Coto residents. Furthermore, If watermarkcommunities sold the property for such a purpose ( To quote their own information- “This said, it would be impossible and disingenuous to promise that the community would NEVER be sold and therefore be operated by another Operator” (https://cotovillage.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/oxbow-hacienda_assisted_living_qanda.pdf)) the residents would have to defend the position at great cost. The city of Costa Mesa is currently stuck in such a quandary and can’t seem to find a way out. Why open the door to such potentially devastating consequences?

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