Meet the Developers of Merryhill School Property

Oxbow Partners, the developers planning to build an assisted living facility at the site of the former Merryhill School, will be making a presentation and taking questions at the August 14th Village HOA meeting. The presentation begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Coto Valley Club.

This brochure provides details about the proposed facility, The Hacienda at Coto de Caza.

Please note:  the site is not governed by any of Coto’s three HOAs (Village, Estates, CZ Master).  Residents who would like to express their views about the project should plan on attending the meeting.

Meeting Details
Wednesday, August 14
Coto Valley Club
23331 Via Venado
7:30 p.m.

One thought on “Meet the Developers of Merryhill School Property”

  1. We cannot attend the Oxbow Development Meeting!! But as 20 + years residents of CDC ( The village) we are strongly OPPOSED TO THE Development. Noise,gate traffic, morning commute, evening commute, Construction, parking, property values, serene Peaceful Village gone and Concern for the future use of the site… Drug rehab? Oh my who will be wondering around in our back yards… This is a gated community with limited access and gates, we do not need to Tax the gates anymore. My adult children cannot wait in the Long Gate Lines on the Weekends so we can see our children and Grandchildren. They have encountered 20 minute waits which is ridiculous. If this development is allowed then get rid of the gates for the wait lines will be longer. Then refund all homeowners their money who bought in a gated community… Pat and Betty Asaloine

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