Meet the Candidates: Jason Vallone (Incumbent)

Village homeowners will elect a new board on Wednesday, October 17 for the 2012-2013 term.  There are six candidates for five positions.  We conclude the Meet the Candidates series with Jason Vallone.

My name is Jason Vallone and for the past year I have served as President of the Village Board of Directors. We have each chosen the Village for different reasons, but we have all chosen to call it home. I have lived in the Village, with my wife and two young sons, since 2005, and previously served as Treasurer of the Board of Directors from 2009-2010. I care about this community and that’s what led me to get involved with the Board.

New legislation has limited the type of HOA business that can be conducted between meetings and necessitates that the Village Board become process oriented. I believe that this is a positive change; policies and guidelines will ensure that the HOA runs smoothly, with predictable outcomes and with full transparency. The HOA has a mandate to oversee 400+ residences, common areas, roads and trails. In order to do this, our guidelines must be effectively communicated, modified when necessary and enforced honestly and fairly.

I will continue to stand for:

  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Ethical, policy driven results
  • Hiring professionals
  • Reasonableness & Respect
  • Improved relations with the other HOA’s in our community

Fiscal Responsibility

If I am re-elected to the Board, I will continue to work within our budget. It is important to build our reserves and decrease our liability. If an item exceeds the budgeted amount, and is not an emergency, then it may need to be deferred. I would like to see our HOA dues remain low. Not only is this beneficial for those of us in the community, this is a draw for many people looking for homes in the Village.


If I am re-elected to the board, I will continue to advocate for a detailed newsletter and blog with up-to-date information. In this technical age we have the ability to share up to the minute information.

Ethical, policy driven results

If I am re-elected to the Board, I will continue to make ethical and honest decisions. Board members should always make decisions based on the common good.

Hiring professionals

By hiring professionals in the maintenance of our community, we decrease our liability and extend the life of the asset. One of the projects that I have championed this year is hiring a traffic engineer (to give us guidance regarding our signs, speed mitigation and striping) and

an engineering firm (to create a 6-year plan to ensure our streets are repaired properly and to prevent or fix drainage issues). Our streets are over 40 years old and one of our most expensive line items. By hiring professionals, we ensure that we “do it right the first time,” and the Village is protected from liability. We can no longer afford to just slurry seal our streets. They require a higher level of maintenance and by hiring a professional engineering firm, we will be able to ensure the infrastructure of our Village is in excellent condition for years to come. If re-elected to the Board, I would like to help oversee this very important project.

In addition, if I am re-elected to the Board, I would like to continue my work regarding our tree maintenance. In the past, the Board has been largely reactive with this issue. We are currently receiving quotes for a comprehensive, proactive tree management plan. This process is in its beginning stages, and if it proves financially advantageous, I would like to see it through.

Reasonableness & Respect

If re-elected to the Board, I will continue to work and cooperate with other board members, and the community at large, to make decisions that benefit our entire community.

Improve relations with other HOAs

As President of the Village Board, I have worked hard to build bridges with CZ Master, the Estates and Dove Canyon. I have participated on an inter-HOA committee where we have discussed issues affecting us all: trespassing, graffiti, damage to our trails, sheriff patrols, emergency preparedness and increased communication. If re-elected to the Board, I would like to continue to keep the lines of communication open and to continue to cooperate with the HOAs on issues that affect us all.

The uniqueness of our Village can only continue if our HOA is run like a successful company, respecting our rules and regulations and treating each other with respect. If I am re-elected to the Board, I will continue to do just that.

I encourage you to contact me directly if you have any questions or would like more information.

Phone: (949) 777-6663



Thank you,
Jason Vallone

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