OCFA Rescinds Fire Lane Letter

Good news!  The OCFA has rescinded its declaration that Village streets are fire lanes. After reviewing documents on file with the county, the OCFA has determined that since our tract dates back to 1969 it is not subject to the Uniform Fire Code that was adopted in 1978. Our own Jim Evans spent half a day at county offices and found the same documentation (thanks Jim!).

Now, before you rush out to leave your car parked on the street all day, let’s remember a few things:  1.) our streets are still narrow and difficult to navigate when cars on parked on them, and 2.) there is still no street parking between midnight and 6 a.m.

The Parking Committee members came up with some good ideas on how to mitigate street congestion that they want to revisit in light of this new information from OCFA. The committee’s next meeting is Tuesday, May 24.

Please keep on doing a great job of keeping streets clear.  Residents should park in their driveways.  Please encourage guests and service providers to park off-street whenever possible.  If street parking is necessary, please instruct your guests and vendors to park on one side of the street.

Sincere thanks go to all committee members:  Cheryl Ellison, Debbie Lombardi, Dennis Sitar, Gregg Klang, James Occipinti, Jason Vallone, Jim Evans, Jim Males, Lauren Roy, Melody Braden and Steve Tanner. A special note of thanks is extended to the family of Tom Woodruff, who was instrumental last year in generating community interest regarding our parking situation.

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